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From strategic partners to a new global powerhouse, Wavestone and Q_PERIOR are now one company 

Since December 5, 2023, Q_PERIOR and the leading French-based consulting firm Wavestone have joined forces to build a new global consulting powerhouse. The combination of Wavestone and Q_PERIOR brings together shared values, the capabilities of over 5,500 employees and will offer our talents the opportunity to develop in a multicultural environment. 

Q_PERIOR. Business & IT Consulting.

We are one of Germany's leading management consulting firms and integrate business & IT – with strong implementation skills, an unconventional approach, and a commitment to the highest quality standards. We support renowned clients, both enterprise and mid-market organizations, on their digital transformation journey. Our work is service-minded and solution-oriented and we offer in-depth industry knowledge paired with broad, cross-industry expertise.


We understand our clients' business and work closely with them from start to finish: pragmatically, as equals, and with all our heart and soul. We are Q_PERIs. We work across disciplines and think outside the box. And we love new technologies. 


I was looking for an employer who would accompany my journey through all phases of my life. With Q_PERIOR, I have found it. I am a proud mother and can manage my projects quite flexibly from home, even part-time.


Manager, Insurance

Q_PERIOR is an internationally active business and IT consultancy.




mio. € consolidated revenue with Wavestone in 2023


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Our industry and subject matter expertise. Deep and broad.

What we do = Who we Look for

Software developers, cloud experts and IT strategists, data scientists and DevOp engineers, IT and SAP consultants, S/4HANA professionals, finance, risk and compliance professionals, security experts, process and strategy consultants, scrum masters, agile coaches and project managers, test managers, account managers, and business developers. With industry focus and/or subject matter expertise. Both specialists and generalists.


We are also always looking for people to join our back-office teams in human relations, marketing & communications, finance, IT, legal, and office management.


And of course, in addition to all these experts, we are also on the lookout for students and graduates with potential and that special something. Their academic background is only of secondary importance.

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Our corporate values: full of value.

At Q_PERIOR, people from 47 nations share the common mission of delivering excellence for our clients. As different as our backgrounds may be, we are united by our three corporate values, which have always applied to Q_PERIOR:


We are driven and inspire the people around us with our ideas and developments. We combine energy and commitment and are passionate about making every project a success.


We don't just think about the next step, but also the one after that. We are always eager to explore the issues of tomorrow and we are constantly learning. This forms a basis for our innovative strength and long-term success.


We put people first – as clients, as employees, and as members of society. This is reflected in our way of working – inclusive, empathetic and trusting – and in our social commitment.

It’s all about attitude.

Although individuality is paramount at Q_PERIOR, we are united by a common commitment to certain basic principles. They inspire and drive us. They are part of Q_PERIOR's DNA.


One of Q_PERIOR's recipes for success is undoubtedly the development of a future-oriented strategy that is equally supported by management and employees. We have set ourselves the goal of delivering excellence for our clients. This includes not only economic success and growth, but increasingly also corporate ethics and sustainability.



Everything to do with Environmental, Social and Governance issues, ESG for short, therefore receives special attention at Q_PERIOR. Our consultants are not only involved in exciting ESG projects for our clients, but we as a company also want to contribute to making our day-to-day consulting work in all its facets just a little more eco-friendly and sustainable every day.

Here is an example: The Q_PERIOR Mobility Kit supports the mobility of our employees with a fixed monthly budget. Whether public transport, intercity bus, train, scooter, car sharing, or other means of transport. Attractive offers for company bicycles and (e-)cars complete the package. Regardless of whether they are used for work or private purposes.


Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is the representation of people with different group identities within the same organizational social system. This includes, for example, the diversity of people in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, and socio-economic status.


But for us at Q_PERIOR, diversity goes a crucial step further. It's not just about representation, it's about embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace where everyone is respected and valued for who they are. Diversity and inclusion strengthen us as a company and allows us to grow – diversity is part of who we are and it enriches us.


With our Diversity & Inclusion @Q_PERIOR initiative, we want to raise awareness and drive change: individually, personally, and for Q_PERIOR. We are not perfect. But we are open-minded and on the right track!



Well-being and health are central to the realization of one’s own career visions. That's why we at Q_PERIOR have always attached great importance to a good work-life balance. Cooperations with fitness providers, yoga courses by certified Q_PERIs, work opportunities of up to 50 days from other EU countries, and extensive sabbatical offers are just a few of the Q_PERIOR perks that focus on the very individual needs of our employees.

Mindfulness in all its dimensions also plays an essential role at Q_PERIOR. Our Mindfulness Community not only strengthens the personal resilience and well-being of our employees through training and workshops. It also actively promotes a mindful project culture. We strongly believe that mindfulness has a positive impact on communication, divergent thinking, and productivity.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Taking responsibility: A claim that we live up to not only in our consulting work, but also as part of a sustainable contribution to our society. This is why we have been supporting the Caritas Kinderdorf Irschenberg for many years. The children's village offers a home to children and adolescents whose families are unable to care for them adequately due to adverse living conditions, and supports them with a wide range of assistance measures. Children from refugee families also find a home at the Irschenberg Children's Village. 


This commitment is complemented by our Q_PERIOR Social Challenges. Here, all Q_PERIs are called upon, regardless of time and place, to advance ideas on when, how, and where Q_PERIOR can help.


Sports sponsoring is also very close to our hearts. Because top-class sport unites and combines high motivation, passion, discipline, precision, team spirit, and efficiency. These are requirements that Q_PERIOR lives and breathes every day. We not only support successful athletes in bobsleighing, curling and paracycling on their way to the Olympics, but also the FC Bayern Basketball team.


Work-life Balance

We empower our employees to pursue ambitious goals both on and off the job. To this end, we strive to create a work environment that is compatible and conducive to a good work-life balance. This allows committed mothers, fathers, ambitious athletes, artists, and those actively engaged in their communities to pursue their personal career vision at Q_PERIOR. To this end, we not only facilitate part-time work, but also offer attractive conditions to all full-time employees.

Why do I work at Q_PERIOR? More than 20 years ago, I made a resolution: Should I ever lose my smile riding the subway on my way to work in the morning, I'd change employers. Hasn't happened yet :)


Associate Partner, Project Management Excellence

Mindfulness and consulting? Q_PERIOR has shown me that both are possible. In addition to my client project, I can design and conduct trainings and workshops on the topic of mindfulness, which is what I am passionate about. Our Q_PERIOR Mindfulness Community is growing steadily and always sharing ideas on exciting topics such as stress management, resilience, and systemic coaching. Mindfulness is becoming more and more part of our corporate culture.


Consultant, Insurance

We have exciting, innovative projects with well-known clients and a team spirit that makes work fun. I can develop personally and professionally at Q_PERIOR and appreciate the combination of an ambitious consulting company on the one hand and flat organisational structures and a family atmosphere on the other.


Senior Consultant, Energy Industry

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