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Since December 5, 2023, Q_PERIOR and the leading French-based consulting firm Wavestone have joined forces to build a new global consulting powerhouse. The combination of Wavestone and Q_PERIOR brings together shared values, the capabilities of over 5,500 employees and will offer our talents the opportunity to develop in a multicultural environment. 

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Full Time
North America
Experienced Professional
February 09, 2024
Job Duties

The Manager will report directly to the executive team throughout consulting assignments for our financial risk management clients and will manage a small team of professionals that will include both our employees and client resources on customer engagements. Specific duties include the following:

(1) Identify, plan, coordinate, verify deliverables on customer engagements, assigning team members to deliverables;

(2) Ensure that data and information related to projects are managed to our expectations and within strict budget and time constraints;

(3)  Collaborate with the business unit and information technology (“IT”) sponsors to establish project goals, criteria for success, and risk assessments;

(4)  Manage approved funding with the business sponsors and IT;

(5) Cooperate with architecture team members to ensure the alignment of solutions with the overall IT strategy and overall data governance;

(6)  Organize the coordination of successful project delivery within the various IT teams;

(7)  Create and manage a realistic and credible project plan with buy-in from all resources involved and business sponsors;

(8)   Deliver status reports to stakeholders and continuously facilitate appropriate communication amongst the stakeholders and teams while ensuring clarity on goals, priorities, and concrete responsibilities for all team members;

(9)  Manage projects related to major packages for data warehouse, extract, transform, load (“ETL”), and reporting systems; and

(10) Work closely with support teams to manage the transition and warranty period.


Employer requires candidate to have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Financial Mathematics, or a closely related field, and three (3) years of work experience in a financial risk consultant role or closely related occupation.

 Candidate must also have the following:

(1) Demonstrated ability applying mathematical concepts using SAS software in a financial services setting gained through three (3) years of work experience;

(2) Demonstrated knowledge of financial regulatory standards including IFRS 9, IFRS 17, and CECL, as well as related accounting practices, gained through three (3) years of work experience; and

(3) Demonstrated knowledge of SAS reporting and management modules gained through three (3) years of work experience. 

All years of experience may be gained concurrently.

Telecommuting is an option.

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